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OKJOY is a Chinese indie game studio and publisher made of a group of experienced game developers and game enthusiasts. OKJOY is committed to creating great games with soul, warmth, creativity, and fun for global gamers. We also hope to create games which will have an impact on the future generations so that indie games become a belief. “Innovation” is the eternal core of games and it is also our original aspiration. Do not miss their new game trailers on PRIMETIME, streaming on 15 October from 8:00PM (GMT+8).



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The Heroes Around Me

Moolii's Dreamland


Dire Destiny: Time Traveller

The Heroes Around Me

The Heroes Around Me is a pixel-style text plot game developed by OKJOY. The background of the story is China in the 1990s, where the author lived. The game elaborately depicts the environment of China in the 1990s; every picture was carefully prepared so that players can’t help immersing in it. Melodious original harmonica soundtrack was recorded by music masters. The notes moving with the wind swing on the field of the township. It enables players to feel the golden waves and rice fields in the beautiful music and create the most comfortable game atmosphere for them. After gradually pulling the progress bar, the scene lines suddenly become profound and enlightening with the music. In the concise dialogue with people around you, you can skillfully get a lot of meaning hidden in the words; the real emotions come out slowly, and more stories are hidden in every detail of the game. The game is like a throwback to the past to a rural town in the south of China in the 1990s. Back then, the chimneys filled with smoke when cooking. In the cool weather, after dinner, every household moved the bench and sat outside to enjoy the cool breeze, and the neighbors who passed by greeted each other. Tricycles that collect waste products walk through the streets and make a crisp noise. When hearing their noise, the children rushed to pick up the accumulated waste products to earn enough pocket money for buying candies, and ran to the shop happily. This is the life picture of our childhood. The Heroes Around Me is a short story about the old days, in which the father shouldered the burden of the family and gave his sick daughter the happiest childhood.

Platform: Steam, Switch, Android/iOS
Release: Expected 14/02/22
Publisher: OKJOY
Genre: A game of words
Screen Languages: English, Chinese

Moolii’s Dreamland

Moolii’s Dreamland is a horizontal flight shooting game. Players play the fox spirit “Moolii”, destroy the enemy in her nightmares, clear the stages and fight the boss, and finally break through difficulties and escape from nightmares! In the process of clearing stages, players can not only upgrade various weapons and skills, but also switch by themselves in battle, and break out anger to make themselves enter a “super state”. With the Sunday punch, no enemy is your opponent! The game screen is adorable and each monster is a fantasy form of real animals. Remember to summon ferret, the right-hand man, to help you deal with difficult enemies. The primary purpose is to avoid difficulties and obstacles along the way. There are not many opportunities, and you are supposed to pay close attention to it, which tests the subtle operation of players. Don’t forget to switch weapons and skills to charge and shatter enemy positions. There are big bosses at every stage. Defeat them, spend the night fighting difficulties and obstacles, and finally win and wake up from nightmares!

Planned online platform: Steam, Switch, Android/iOS

LOFN, who grows up on the prairie outside the world, takes numerous adventures to save “the tree of memory”, which provides nutrients to the grassland. When “LOFN” in the journey collected one after another memory fragments, but slowly uncovered one after another unexpected truth. In addition to the unexpected plot, the story also wants to bring out a unique outlook on life, hoping to inspire players to have a different way of thinking about life.

Dire Destiny: Time Traveller
A deck building game set in a steampunk universe. Occupation, constellations, gods, and multiple-dimensions creat hundreds of different deck experiences. With rich and diverse multiple bosses the first-person plot allows you to experience the thrills and twists throughout the process of saving the planet.

☆ Select a Constellation of your own choice and Embark on an unknown journey in the sanctuary of the gods.

☆ Random adventures, Survive dangerous situations using any means necessary to change your fate.

☆ Build your card deck with different strategies. Thousands of strategies are waiting for you to explore through machines and magic colliding to create infinite possibilities.

☆ The battle of time and space is about to begin

Experience steampunk-style combat.