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English Hosts

Victoria Cheng

Victoria Cheng is an esports presenter, award-winning culinary writer, and content producer. Known for her presence in the culinary and sports scene over the past decade, her inherent lifelong passion for gaming and tech has fast made her a familiar face in the industry. She has hosted and guest-appeared on Asia-Pacific PlayStation 5 Launch event, FreeFire World Series 2021, RazerStore LIVE, COMEX IT Show 2020, SingTel’s SuperGamerFest 2020, Lenovo Legion Keynote Event 2021, and Asia’s first gamescom asia 2021 Studio Primetime event. Along with her company she is spearheading as Creative Producer of the Global Esports Federation Festival. Victoria is also a TED Talk Speaker on the evolution of self-confidence, “Embrace your Misfit”.

J Jai Kishan

J Jai Kishan is Singapore’s unconventional and wacky personality, known for his comedic performances and his versatility to take on diverse roles. In the 10 years he has been in the entertainment industry, Kishan was nominated for the Asian Television Awards “Best Comedic Performance” for his role in a foreign language film and best known for his acting role in a movie franchise grossing millions at the local box office. He has also starred in numerous local and Southeast Asian television shows ranging from comedy, drama to psychological thrillers, all achievements made possible through his study and application of Stanislavski’s method of acting techniques.

Kishan is also an actor with Singapore’s Top YouTube channel “Wah!Banana” and has been the face of numerous government and brands’ social media campaigns. His quick wit and expressive humor on-air and off, allows him to effectively relate and charm audiences in his position as host during multiple high profile events such as local festivals, parades, live shows and live streams across social media platforms.

Thai Hosts


“Cezanne” or Wongsathon Suknarumitr, is a 20-year-old esports commentator boy who loves games and wants to make a career out of it. Cezanne started by producing esports competitions at the high school where he studied.

He has been given a career opportunity from Xyclopz, a professional esports commentator and CEO of Spectre Esports.

At first he knew little about his career. But with an effort and opportunity, within two years he was selected by ESL Thailand to be a caster in various LoL Wild Rift Tournaments.

Indonesian Host


Dimas “Dejet / Papadejet” is one of Indonesia’s most influential Dota 2 casters & enthusiast since 2013. Starting his journey as a team manager, he learned how to perform as a shoutcaster in the local community until he started participating in international events throughout Asia. Dejet has casted for events like ESL Thailand, Predator League APAC Final Thailand, PVP Esports Singapore, and CSO Global Showcase South Korea. He started a YouTube channel in 2018 with podcast interviews with members of the DOTA 2 community. Dejet is happy to have two careers as a shoutcaster and YouTuber.




Razzie is a streamer from the Philippines, use to be known for his funny and comedic League of Legends videos, also a huge PUBG figure back in the days!

Now he plays Valorant and continues to entertain fans!

Archer Perez

Archer Perez’s roots go way back as a shoutcaster 5 years ago. Man with big dreams, sacrificed a lot to pursue where he is today. The leap of faith led down the road currently as one of the most influential Axie streamers and content creators today. Taking over major platforms like Tiktok, Facebook and Twitch by the storm. He is indeed one of the people to aspire from – starting from the bottom now standing on top of his game along with running his very own production team called Impetus that brings esports tournaments like ML and CODM to life.

Aya Ezmaria

Raised as a gamer at a very young age as her father introduced her to different consoles like Famicom, PS1 and Dreamcast. Over the years she continued the path of doing what she loves with a few pitstops along her life working either as an english teacher or marketing in a corporate scene. All pointing towards – engaging with people, communicaton and how well she does it. Fast forward to today, she gets to do two of the things she is passionated the most – gaming and hosting. Currently a full-time streamer, content creator and mainstay host for a reality tv show called The Gaming House under Tier One Entertainment and ABS-CBN as the media sponsor, Aya Ezmaria represents the voice of gamers and who they are as human beings.



Maxhaze is a Malaysian gaming streamer. He mainly streams games on Playstation console and usually would chase to stream newly released games as soon as they are out.

He started streaming back in 2016 and had continued to improve his streams throughout the years.

Unlike most which tend to stick to a single game and build upon it, Maxhaze on the other hand enjoys trying out a variety of games. Aside from newer games, he would give older titles a go as well, more so if a new title of the franchise is coming soon.

Even though he plays variety, his go to games to replay are usually, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and God of War.

Sharina Richie

Hi guys, My name is Sharina Richie. I’m a gaming content creator & a livestreamer. I’ve been actively involve in the gaming scene for the past 3 years. I’ve also Founded an Esport Team, Richie Esport. I look forward to keep growing, evolving while having fun with you guys! ❤️


Full time video editor and a part time gamer, aspiring to be a full time streamer and a stay-at-home father. I’ve started gaming in 2014, when my brother introduced CS 1.6 and started becoming competitive bcs of that. Learned video editing around the same time, self taught by watching tutorials on Youtube. It was in 2018 that I was offered my first job as a video editor at an internet cafe and I worked there for a year until the pandemic hit. With unemployment during the pandemic and nothing much to do, I started consistently posting contents on Tiktok and got lucky when it caught a lot of attention worldwide.



A known cosplay personality and rising streamer in Singapore, Yosuke has been capturing the attention of regional events in the South East Asia region, being invited to several events in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

She has worked with local and overseas brands and entities such as Prism+, Skechers, EZ-Link, UNIQLO Singapore, Porsche, Dominos Malaysia, Monster Energy, Disney and the Singapore Police Force.

Lim Ray’En

My name is Lim Ray’En, 19 this year and a full time student. I got into gaming at the age of 13 when I started playing destiny on my xbox 360. I played for about 3 years before playing computer games at the age of 17. This was when my friends introduced me to CSGO. I play games almost every day some of my favorite games include valorant, CSGO, phasmophobia and among us.

Farah Nur Azra Binte Mohd Raffi

Hi! I’m Farah and I do voice acting but also gaming as well! My TikTok page was created for my talent in Anime voice overs, but since I also play video games during my free time, I decided to stream as well! Outside of the internet world, I work as a graphic designer. Anyway, my all-time favourite Anime is Hunter x Hunter and my current favourite Anime is Kobayashi Maid Dragon! As for games, I play mainly FPS games such as Valorant! I may stream Rainbow 6 Seige in future!


Aisha Channel

Aisha is a female Thai 3D Virtual YouTuber under Guardian Angel Ai Co., Ltd. She debuted on July 29, 2019, and now has more than 600,000 followers.
Aisha is a cute cat idol VTuber AI who is ready to give love and liveliness to the audience, with a cheerful character, Aisha is loved by all ages and genders.


Gema Show

Gema is one of the best and most sought-after gaming content creators from Indonesia. He is also a singer, video editor, filmmaker and actor! Known for his easy going and comedic personality, people simply crave for the content he makes. Gema also shared that he is good at everything except finding the love of his life…

He goes by the life motto of ” if at first you don’t succeed, laugh until you do!